Our Services


We utilize the top social networks to communicate with potential customers and industry influences while promoting your brand using a unique voice.


We develop interactive, responsive and functional web sites based on the requirements of each project. We're certificated on the usage of frontend and backend programming languages

Web design

The web design of your site is the first step wich we begin to work with. In Gallery 13Th we have the expirience to create unique and responsive sites that adapt to any mobile or tablet devices.


Images that do the job you need them to do – the pictures you choose should not only convey the message you want them to give, but technically should be fit for purpose.

logo design

Our entire mission is to make your business look great, We’ve taken what was once a very complex process and greatly simplified it through technology


Leverage content marketing to reach your audience and promote your brand as well as your unique voice and message..


We not only design we also do digital paint, traditional drawing, sketch and 3d sculpt.


You will be always supported by us trought our social medias and e-mail.

Website Build

We have the expirience to design and develop beautiful landing pages and web pages, we love our work, that's why you will be very please with our stuff


You can count not only with our exprience on the field, but also with our company partner Epic Owl services, to make your ideas a digital reallity

Websites & Themes

We offer design ideas for wordpress pages too, we develop web pages trought these CMS